Comedy Central in 2005 announced The Colbert Report as part of a lineup where they hope to "Keep the viewers attracted by The Daily Show to keep watching late into the night." Colbert, Jon Stewart , and Ben Karlin ( The Daily Show 's executive producer) supposedly came up with the idea for the show after watching coverage of the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Bill O'Reilly . Jon Stewart's production company, Busboy Productions , developed the Report . Colbert, Stewart, and Karlin pitched the idea of the show (reportedly with one sentence: "Stephen Colbert parodies The O'Reilly Factor ") to Comedy Central chief Doug Herzog , who agreed to buy it.

The Colbert Report first appeared in the form of three fake commercials for itself that aired several times on The Daily Show , although the themes that would form the basis for the Report can be seen in some of the earlier bits performed by Colbert. The show debuted October 17 , 2005 , for an eight week run under its initial contract. On November 2 , based on the strong ratings for the show's first two weeks, Comedy Central and Colbert announced they had signed for an additional year, through the end of 2006 . [1]

The Colbert Report was not the first fictional show Colbert was portrayed as the host of on The Daily Show . For example, in a segment called "Corporate Slogans", Colbert was the host of a fictional "Sunday morning chat show", The Colbert Gang , which featured green screen subliminal messages similar to the style of The Wørd.



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