• Stephen Colbert's right ear pokes out slightly further than the left, a fact he has acknowledged and made fun of on the show. Coincidentally, he is also deaf in that ear. [13]
  • On March 29 , 2006 , Colbert announced that he had been contacted by representatives of the San Francisco Zoo seeking his permission to name an as-of-yet unhatched bald eagle after him. The eagle, affectionately dubbed "Stephen Jr." on the Report , was hatched to be reintroduced into the wild as a part of the zoo's California Bald Eagle Breeding Program. Colbert celebrated its birth on-air on April 17, 2006, and updates on the bird's development have been featured on the show since.
  • The Report's theme song was written and performed by Cheap Trick .
  • The eagle featured in Colbert Report advertising, in the logo, and often in the background videos is named "Liberty".
  • Uses FedEx instead of UPS on his show in several episodes, contrary to a threat down where he listed FedEx founder Fred Smith as being one of the top threats to America.
  • In recent episodes, Colbert has made frequent references to Gregory House from the Fox show, House . He views him as a "hero who is larger than life, and who shapes the United States." He puts him in the same hero category consisting of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney .
  • On June 5 , 2006 , the Colbert Report's 100th episode aired. Stone Phillips , the first guest on the show, returned to become the first two-time guest. Colbert and Phillips then held a "Gravitas-Off," a rematch of their popular contest from the first show.
  • "The Eagle's Nest" was a code name for the Kehlsteinhaus , Hitler's home in the German Alps near Berchtesgaden.
  • On June 15 , 2006 , Stephen Colbert disclosed that he is part Chickasaw Indian.




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